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About us

Phillip Perlman is a U.S.A. trained Podiatrist having received his undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon (1965) and his D.P.M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) from the California College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (1969). For the next 15 years he practiced sports Podiatry and Surgery in Boulder Colorado, at which point he took a teaching position in Des Moines, Iowa. After 7 years in the midwest city he moved to Brisbane and taught 6 years at QUT's school of Podiatry where he taught sports medicine and surgery.

Currently, Dr. Perlman teaches lower extremity radiology around the country. Because of his surgical teaching background Phillip Perlman is able to offer 2nd opinion consultations in surgery or trauma cases.

His hobbies include running and travel.

Wiesia Perlman received her first undergraduate degree in medical Radiography and worked in the Department of Internal Affairs Military Hospital (Poland). Emigrating to Australia in 1975 she received an Early Childhood Diploma in NSW and worked as an Occupational Therapist in NSW.

Wiesia received her Podiatry degree at Queensland University of Technology in 1990 and stayed on to teach students clinically. In 1995 she, along with 5 other Podiatrists became the first in Queensland to receive a Master Health Science in Podiatry. Her project on "Sports Injuries in the Military Recruits", was a 'landmark' study in the Australian Army.

Through her teaching and research she has been able to develop skills related to the 'painful foot'. This heightened interest in mechanical/orthotic therapy has given her specialised knowledge within the area of childhood deformities.

She is an avid swimmer and walker and likes to travel.