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Permanent correction of ingrown nails

As an office procedure a local anaesthetic is utilised to numb the digit. Next, a
1-2mm section is removed from the side of the nail to the growth region itself. A chemical is next applied that destroys the cells and the portion is removed.

Generally, the nail region will drain for some 4 weeks. During that time the patient is asked to dress the region with a simple sterile gauze and apply a gel that acts as a debriding agent. Shoes may be worn the next day and the individual may participate in sports. For some mysterious reason some of these same sportsmen cite an inability to make beds or do dishes for up to three months following the procedure!

Real complications such as infection is rare and success rates are at a 98% level.

The ease and patient acceptance has made this the procedure of choice in all USA and Australian Schools of Podiatry. Phillip R Perlman, Lecturer and Gold Coast Podiatrist has performed over 4,000 such procedures in both private practice and teaching situations.