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New methods to trim ingrown nail care

Suffering with painful and infected nails is no longer necessary as the result of new innovations in ingrown nail surgery says teacher/lecturer and Gold Coast Podiatrist Phillip Perlman. In an office setting the digit is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic and a 1.5-2.0mm section of the nail is removed from the edge of the offending nail. This area is next cauterised and dressed in a sterile manner.

Such procedures take under 20 minutes and the patient is able to wear shoes that day. Patients are given the same topical gel now utilised in the treatment of Diabetic ulcers. A small amount is placed on the nail area along with sterile gauze dressing. This is changed daily for the next three to four weeks until final healing is achieved.

This new innovation in wound care has dramatically reduced the redness, inflammation and drainage in these procedures. Patients may get the dressing wet, wear regular shoes and participate in sport if they desire.