photo of feet
  Our orthotics are manufactured inhouse and we are able to modify and accurately fit the most difficult to fit feet.


Both Dr and Mrs Perlman as past clinicians at QUT's School of Podiatry (Brisbane, Australia) are quite familiar with orthotic care and patient assessment of children and adult foot and leg problems. Their experience has been that such care is only as good as the history, physical and extremity exam and possible x-ray exam, that precedes the prescribing of orthotic devices.

The orthotic devices themselves are manufactured inhouse and therefore the turn around time is generally less than seven working days. Because of the personalised nature of this lab work, specific changes can be more easily made in follow-up visits. In addition, because of the 'inhouse' nature of these devices, a range of materials are available to suit the needs of the individual patient. Because this is a custom device made over a cast there is an insurance rebate.

In addition, where modification of over-the-counter orthotics are needed, more cost effective devices can be provided for patients as initial therapy or stand alone care.

Last, the clinical experience has been that no matter how good the orthotic manufacture has been, these devices must be able to fit the patient's individual shoes. Therefore the foot clinic stocks a range of shoes to fit the individual patient. This fitting is provided by an experienced shoe fitter at the clinic.

We at the foot clinic feel that we are now able to provide a full and complete diagnostic and orthotic service for patients with challenging foot and leg problems.