photo of feet
  We have selected a range of shoes to accommodate our orthotics.

Shoe fitting service

Our experience has been that custom orthotics are only as good as the exam that precedes them. In addition, custom fitting of these devices to shoes is equally important.

At the foot clinic we have selected a number of shoes specifically oriented to accommodate orthotics and in general assist the 'hard to fit' foot. Our experience is that feet vary (even) in the same individual. Within our shoe inventory we have both the materials to modify and accurately fit the most difficult to fit feet.

Beyond this, we can in some cases modify some of the individual's present appropriate shoes to a variety of foot orthotic devices.

In many cases shoes that have been custom fitted can be ordered in other colours.

As a result of a growing need for suitable walking foot gear we have added this service at the request of our patients.

shoe fitting serviceWe at the foot clinic wish you many hours of enjoyable, pain free walking!